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Automatic tags

Synaesthesia will automatically add tags to items that meet certain criteria. The list of tags that are added automatically is below.
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Audio Contains audio elements 
Audio tape reel The reel type is audio tape 
Black This event is black 
Checked out This item has been checked out 
Color effect This has a color effect 
Compilation reel This reel is a compilation of clips from different reels 
Cut The transition type of this event is a cut 
Day This is set during the day 
Digital reel The reel type is digital 
Dissolve This is part of a dissolve 
Empty This item contains no other items 
Exterior This is set outside 
False start This item contains a false start 
File attachment This item has one or more attached files 
Film reel The reel type is film 
Flashback This item is part of a flashback sequence 
Flip This is to be flipped 
Flop This is to be flopped 
Good take This take is marked as good 
Image This item has one or more attached images 
Incomplete This item is incomplete 
Interior This is set inside 
Locked This item cannot be modified 
Locked-off This item is locked-off 
Master scene This scene is a master scene 
Mis-slate This item has been mis-slated 
Modified text The screenplay text for this item has been modified since it was imported 
Montage This item is part of a montage sequence 
Motion effect This has a motion effect 
Night This is set during the night 
No slate There is no slate for this item 
Note This item has one or more attached notes 
Omitted This item has been omitted from the production 
Protected This item cannot be deleted 
Running pickup This item contains a running pickup 
Stock This is a stock item 
Tail slate The slate is at the end of the recording 
Trashed This item has been trashed 
Video Contains video elements 
Video tape reel The reel type is video tape 
Virtual reel The reel type is virtual 
Wild This item is wild 
Showing 42 items