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Keyboard shortcuts

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Command-Option-A Add Asset 
Command-Option-C Add Character 
Command-Option-L Add Clip 
Command-Option-F Add File 
Command-Option-N Add Note 
Command-Option-R Add Reel 
Command-Option-S Add Scene 
Command-Option-Q Add Sequence 
Command-Option-E Add Set 
Command-Option-O Add Shot 
Command-Option-G Add Tag 
Command-Option-T Add Take 
Command-W Close Window 
Command-C Copy Text 
Command-X Cut Text 
Command-Shift-Left Arrow Go To First Item 
Command-Shift-Up Arrow Go To First Item (in Asset Manager) 
Command-Shift-Right Arrow Go To Last Item 
Command-Shift-Down Arrow Go To Last Item (in Asset Manager) 
Command-Right Arrow Go To Next Item 
Command-Down Arrow Go To Next Item (in Asset Manager) 
Command-Up Arrow Go To Parent Item / (Go To Previous Item in Asset Manager) 
Command-Left Arrow Go To Previous Item 
Command-M Minimize Window 
Command-1 New Contact (in Asset Manager) 
Command-3 New Costume (in Asset Manager) 
Command-N New Item of current type / (New Take in shooting mode) 
Command-6 New Lens (in Asset Manager) 
Command-0 New Other Asset (in Asset Manager) 
Command-4 New Prop (in Asset Manager) 
Command-2 New Recorder (in Asset Manager) 
Command-Shift-N New Slate (in shooting mode) 
Command-5 New Vehicle (in Asset Manager) 
Command-Shift-M Open Asset Manager 
Command-Option-, Open Synaesthesia Preferences 
Command-V Paste Text 
Command-A Select All Text 
Command-Option-Right Arrow Select Next Tab 
Command-Option-Left Arrow Select Previous Tab 
Command-Z Undo Typing 
Showing 40 items