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Reel types

There are several different types of reels in Synaesthesia. Currently, these are only set for your reference; different reels types are all treated in the same way.

Film reels

Reels from film cameras. For example, 16mm, 35mm, IMAX and so on.

Video tape reels

Tape-based reels from video cameras. For example, Beta SP, D5, DVCAM.

Digital reels

Disk-based or other digital format media. For example, RED compact flash, S-Two disks.

Audio tape reels

Tape-based reels from audio recorders. For example, DAT, MiniDisc.

Virtual reels

Reels created in an editing system that have no physical equivalent. For example, visual effects reels, still image reels.

Compilation reel

Reels that contain footage from other reels. For example, highlight reels, stock footage.