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Screenplay Import (Final Draft)

Synaesthesia can import screenplays from Final Draft 8 documents (FDX file format).

What's imported

Currently, Synaesthesia will import the following data:
  • Scenes
  • Scene numbers
  • Scene summaries
  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Shots
  • Script notes
In addition, most indentation will be preserved. If the scenes in the document are numbered, they will be matched to existing scenes in Synaesthesia, otherwise they will be numbered sequentially. Numbered scenes that are omitted or missing from the document will be marked as omitted in Syaesthesia.


Some data is currently not imported into Synaesthesia. This includes:
  • Dual dialogue
  • Cover pages
  • Text formatting (such as color)
  • Some paragraph formatting
  • Omitted scenes
  • Revisions
In addition:
  • Synaesthesia paginates slightly differently from Final Draft, so page numbers and page counts may differ between the two.
  • The position of script notes within a scene is lost. The note is simply attached to the scene in Synaesthesia. 
  • Script notes imported from a Final Draft document will be removed from Synaesthesia when importing a new screenplay.