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Shotgun Integration

About Shotgun Integration

Shotgun is a customizable web-based production tracking system for digital studios.
Synaesthesia provides support for synchronising its data with Shotgun projects.

Enabling Shotgun integration

Shotgun integration requires a Shotgun API key.

To enable Shotgun integration in Synaesthesia:
  1. Choose Synaesthesia > System Preferences…
  2. Under "Integrations", set "Shotgun integration" to Yes.
  3. Click configure.
  4. Enter the full URL of your Shotgun server (e.g. "https:/") and your API key details

You will now see a new button at the bottom of the production breakdown:

Synchronising with Shotgun

To synchronise data with Shotgun:
  1. Go to the Production Breakdown.
  2. At the bottom, click "Sync with Shotgun"
  3. If this is the first time you are syncing this project, you may be prompted to choose or create a project on Shotgun to sync with.

What is synchronised

The following elements are currently synced with Shotgun:
  • Productions (Shotgun "Projects")
  • Shots
  • Takes (Shotgun "Versions")
  • Scenes*
*Note that "Scenes" must be enabled in Shotgun's Site Preferences.


For each element, typically only the title and description are synchronised.

Naming conventions

By default, Synaesthesia enforces its naming conventions on Shotgun data. So for example, a scene created on Shotgun called "new scene" might become "5. (new scene)" after synchronisation.


Notes are synchronised for all supported element types.
However, the following limitations apply:
  • The "subject" of notes in Shotgun are not synchronised
  • "Replies" to notes in Shotgun are not synchronised


Thumbnails are synchronised for all supported element types.
Thumbnails are only synchronised once, when the element is first created in Shotgun or Synaesthesia.
Thumbnails that exist on Shotgun servers will appear as file attachments, but will have a web address rather than a local filename.


Tags are synchronised for all supported element types except productions.
Removing tags from entities in Shotgun does not remove them from Synaesthesia.
However, removing tags in Synaesthesia will also remove them from Shotgun.